Human Resources Development

The current project proposal is directed towards the improvement of the working conditions and the prevention of work related risks in the “Mebelisimo” company. The main focus of the company is the trade and production of furniture. The company carries out orders for a wide range of customers, focusing on working on individual projects, as well as projects for leading designer companies. The company employs 14 people in different positions. The needs that the project will meet are connected with the assurance of safe and improved working conditions for the employees of the company. It is envisaged that a new human resources strategy will be developed, focusing on the persons over the age of 54. In accordance with the office of Labor Medicine, personal protective equipment will be issued to the company employees, as well as collective protective equipment and specialized working clothing. The project envisages the assurance of social benefits for the employees – renovation and furnishing of a relaxation room. The target group for the project covers all the employed personnel and it is covered in paragraph 11 of this form. Project goal: improvement of the working conditions and the work stations, providing safe working conditions for the employees. Expected results: secured safe working conditions and preventions of work related risk; increase in work security; improvement in work organization; improvement of the work stations, leading to increase in satisfaction and sustainable employment; increase in productivity and competitiveness of the company. Activities: development of human resources strategy; procurement of specialized work clothing, personal protective equipment and collective protective equipment; acquisition of a standard for safe working conditions; renovation and furnishing of a relaxation room; project management and visualization.

Beginning at : 13.06.2017

Finishing at : 31.12.2018